Thursday, July 31, 2014


  • Lee las siguientes frases y escribe en tu cuaderno aquellas que no conoscas. Investiga su significado.

English in the classroom

Excuse me!
Can you help me, please?                                   Can I borrow ..., please?
How do you say ... in English?                            Can you pass ..., please?
                ... spell ...?                                         That's /that isn't mine.
                ... pronounce...?                                 Just a moment, please.
Sorry?/ Pardon?                                                We haven't finished (yet).
Could you say that again?                                  Come on. Hurry up!
Could you write that on the board, please?         Whose turn is it?
What's the opposite of ...?                                  It's my/your turn.
             ... difference?                                        You go first.
             ... past tense of ...?                                What did he/she say?
What does ...mean?                                            It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry. I don't understand.                              What do you mean?
                      ... know.                                       What do you think?
                      ... rememeber.                              What / How about you?
Is this right or wrong?                                          I'm not sure.
Which page?                                                       Perhaps. / Maybe.
Have you got a ..., please?/                                 Let's ask the teacher.
Do you have a ...., please?
Here you are.
Can I go to the restroom, please?
Sorry, I'm late.
See you on (Monday)/tomorrow!
Have a nice weekend!

Taken from: Helping Students to Speak, Paul Seligson, 1997. p83